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Waterproofing System

The Ultraseal Waterproofing System is a built up multilayer system used to protect the pavement surface from chlorides, water penetration and other harmful materials.

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Techcrete – The flexible concrete repair solution for bridge rehabilitation.

Matrix Bridge Joint – Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System

Ultraseal Primer

Ultraseal Primer is a thin, penetrating primer consisting of selected asphalt, solvents, and other modifiers blended to meet the requirements of CGSB 37-GP-9Ma. It is used to seal absorbent surfaces and to improve the bonding characteristics of most asphaltic coatings and finishes. This primer is formulated to be used on asphalt, concrete and masonry surfaces.

Ultraseal Reinforcing Fabric

Ultraseal Reinforcing Fabric is a spun bonded polyester fabric designed to be used as a standard reinforcing material for the Ultraseal 3750 MTO waterproofing membrane. It is used over cracks, construction joints and changes-in-place. It is also used between layers of membrane and over the entire area as a reinforced assembly.

Ultraseal 3750 MTO Bridge Deck Membrane

Ultraseal 3750 MTO Bridge Deck Membrane is a hot applied waterproofing compound specially formulated to protect and waterproof bridge decks and parking decks. It is composed of synthetic rubber polymers and inert mineral stabilizers. It may contain reclaimed tire rubber and specifically selected compatible asphalt cement and resins. These materials are homogeneously blended to produce a compound that has excellent low temperature flexibility, elongation, resilience, and adhesion, which will accommodate the movements of thermal cycling and create a waterproof membrane.

Ultraseal Protection Board

Ultraseal Protection Board is a semi-flexible core board, composed of mineral fortified asphaltic core between two outside layers consisting of an asphalt impregnated fiberglass mat. Specifically designed to protect the membrane from penetration by sharp aggregate, the board preserves the integrity of the water tight membrane.